Aug 24, 2011
Mike Silver

Fantasy tip of the week: QBs

RideWithSilver contributor/fantasy guru Will Robinson is back with more. This week, quarterbacks…

Note: When I talk about scoring and other basic fantasy football rules, I will be using Yahoo’s standard rules.

In real football, having an elite quarterback as the foundation for your franchise is priority No. 1. In fantasy football? Not so much.

Last year, the Jets and the Ravens won more games than the Bengals but, in fantasy, a team with Carson Palmer was better off than a team with Mark Sanchez or Joe Flacco.

Of the 25 highest-scoring players, 17 were quarterbacks, but the reason quarterbacks are taken after running backs and receivers is simple: Only one starts, whereas you need two backs and three wideouts.

But you need a good one. Last season, if you had gotten one of the top six — Michael Vick, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Philip Rivers or Drew Brees — you were probably just fine. After them, there was a decent drop-off to the next guy, 2010 sleeper Josh Freeman, but more likely than not he was acquired off the waiver wire or as a backup. Continue reading »

Aug 24, 2011

Daily link roundup: Kerry Collins is the new Vinny Testaverde


– Kerry Collins is coming out of retirement to sign with the Colts. Across the country, the 49ers shouted, “Ffffffffffuuuuuu.”

Chris Johnson is flying to Nashville to talk contract with the Titans, reminding us all that he still hasn’t signed. Stay tuned for the baffling news that he’ll become the highest-paid RB in the NFL.

– Rookie hazing is one of the best parts of sports, and any team that bans it can go screw itself. Which is why today’s heroes are the Titans, who strapped their rookies to the goalposts and dumped stuff on them.

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Aug 23, 2011

Daily link roundup: They are who we thought they were


– In the least surprising news of the year, the Raiders took Terrelle Pryor in the supplemental draft. I bought a friend a Jamarcus Russell fathead about a year ago (on clearance for $10). Fittingly, it fell off the wall and has since ripped in half. When do they put the T-Pry fatheads into production?

– The Giants crushed the Bears last night, but lost Terrell Thomas for the year when he tore his ACL in a freak collision with a teammate. Nothing like a horrible omen for the season to come!

– In response to the violence at the 49ers/Raiders game, tailgating has been banned after kickoff, alcohol will no longer be served after the third quarter and DUI checkpoints will be set up around Candlestick. Sooo I guess no one’s going to Niner games this year. Continue reading »

Aug 22, 2011

Daily link roundup: Of course Pryor might go to Oakland


– Today’s the supplemental draft. Usually we don’t have to care, but Terrelle Pryor went and made things interesting this year. Yahoo thinks he’s most likely to land with the Raiders. Off-the-chart measurables and athleticism that likely won’t translate to the NFL? Of course the Raiders want him.

– SI gives us what we learned in week 2 of the preseason (spoiler alert: Tim Tebow sucks).

– Sources close to the investigation suspect that a gang rivalry was at the heart of Saturday’s shooting at Candlestick. I went to a high school with gang problems, and they tell you not to wear red or blue … soooo good luck with that 49er fans!

– The mere fact that Colts owner Jim Irsay tweeted that he’s in Brett Favre’s hometown has made news. In related news, sometimes I don’t want to live in this world anymore. Continue reading »

Aug 21, 2011

Daily link roundup: Consider body armor for your next game


Two men were shot in the parking lot of Candlestick after last night’s 49ers/Raiders game, and another man suffered life-threatening injuries after being beaten up in the bathroom. It’s going to look like the president’s in town from now on in SF and Oakland which, given the really sketchy locations of both stadiums, is certainly not a bad thing.

– In spite of missing the preseason with a neck injury, Peyton Manning is confident he’ll be back for the season opener. No joke, I woke up in the middle of the night last night wondering where Jim Sorgi is. Maybe I’m telepathically linked with Jim Caldwell!!

– Yesterday, Tim Tebow posted “1 Corinthians 10:31″ on his twitter. That verse goes like this: Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. Backing up both Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn must fall under the “whatever you do” category.

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Aug 20, 2011

Daily link roundup: A day full of fail


Cam Newton sucked it up against the Dolphins last night. New plan for the Panthers: Get Andrew Luck.

– Osi Umenyiora will likely miss the Giants’ first game after surgery to clean out his knee. I always imagine that procedure going something like cleaning under the sofa cushions. ‘Oh shit, man, there’s like ten pennies, some dried up peas and a TV Guide in here!’

– Tom Brady has been spotted in an Australia Uggs for men advertisment. Uggs. UGGS. Now, I’m as big as proponent of ‘get money, get paid’ as anyone, but HAVE SOME DIGNITY, MAN. Continue reading »

Aug 19, 2011

Daily link roundup: Dream on


– Let’s all take a moment to laugh at “The Dream Team,” which lost 24-14 to the Steelers last night in a game that wasn’t nearly as close as the score indicates. Mike Vick tossed three picks and the first team defense was picked apart by Ben Roethlisberger. Hubris is a funny thing, isn’t it?

– Michael Irvin went on ESPN radio and called Miami’s alleged sugar daddy/evil overlord Nevin Shapiro a “snake and a rapist.” He used rapist in a metaphoric way, as in Shapiro was raping the sweetness and goodness out of young men … but, yeah, that still seems wrong and inappropriate.

– Seven former NFL players, including QB Jim McMahon, have filed a class-action lawsuit against the NFL for concealing links between concussions and brain injuries. I can just hear it now: “No, sir, your dementia comes from the fact that you have a weak mind not because you were bashed in the brains repeatedly on the field.” This is going to go really well. Continue reading »

Aug 18, 2011

Daily link roundup: Here’s the Mike Vick article everyone will be talking about


– GQ — which is on a football roll right now — released its Mike Vick article today. And he’s pretty much equal parts repentant and petulant … so about what you expect. Commence holier than thou responses to said article.

– The NFL, players’ union and college football are discussing the possibility of slapping fines and suspensions down on pro players who are found guilty of violations in college. Once again, this idea is stupid as hell and is the NCAA’s way of trying to cover its ass because it has no institutional control. Also, it would almost certainly be struck down in a court of law, so let’s stop focusing on dumb solutions and fix the NCAA. End rant.

Terrelle Pryor is eligible for the supplemental draft but has to sit out the first five games. I wonder if he can find a sponsor who gives him free tattoos. Maybe LA Ink? Continue reading »

Aug 17, 2011
Mike Silver

Introducing … fantasy tip of the week

This week, RideWithSilver fantasy guru Will Robinson hits you with some of his most overrated and underrated players. If you’ve already drafted, then nothing can save you now. Sorry!

Last season, Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Lloyd was the best fantasy wide receiver. Unless you played in a 16-team PPR league with three to four receivers, odds are Lloyd went undrafted. I mean, why would anyone invest in a fantasy player whose career year was 48 catches, 733 yards and 5 touchdowns? Oh, did I mention that was in 2005?
I don’t want to take anything away from Lloyd; he had a fantastic season. But he broke out at age 29. Of the 18 instances since the merger, the players who recorded at least 1400 receiving yards at the age of 29 or after, Brett Perriman and Lloyd were the only players who did not record at least 1000 yards in any previous year. Perriman had another 1000-yard season but then ended his career with poor play for two teams in 1997.

In Lloyd’s scenario, it is hard pressed to think that new head coach John Fox would deviate from Lloyd. However, he wants to establish a strong running game presence, and with Josh McDaniels gone, the volume of targets Lloyd received in 2010 will severely decrease. He will still probably have a good season statistically, but there’s a better chance of some team signing me to call fade routes than Lloyd being the top receiver. Continue reading »

Aug 17, 2011

Daily link roundup: The day Miami died


– May as well lead with the story captivating the sports world right now — hookers, sex, cash, jewelry, yachts and what could be the end of Miami athletics for a long, long time. Let’s all give props to Ponzi schemer Nevin Shapiro for a second: The dude meticulously documented his myriad violations on camera. And there is no way in hell a bunch of elite DI athletes are hanging out with this lame white guy unless he’s makin’ it rain on them.

– Speaking of NCAA violators, Jim Tressel showed up at Browns camp yesterday. He signed autographs for his fans “Go Bucks! Jim Tressel.” Memmmmmoriesss all alone in the moooooonlight…

– And his free-tattooed buddy Terrelle Pryor has managed to postpone the NFL Supplemental Draft while Roger Goodell retreats to his lair to think it over. Come on, Roger! I want to see T-Pry playing for the Eskimos up in Canada. Don’t wuss out. Continue reading »


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