Sep 13, 2011

Fantasy football recap: Week 1

Will Robinson is back to assess his fantasy picks from last week.

My first week of fantasy prognostication was, to say the least, not great. I was not happy with how my picks turned out, and if you followed some of my advice, I apologize if it didn’t work out for you. Let’s look blow-by-blow and see how it turned out.

Santonio Holmes – Santonio didn’t have a field day as I thought he would, but Mark Sanchez looked at him often — he led the team in targets (10). LaDainian Tomlinson led the team with 73 yards receiving, which shouldn’t be a common occurrence. Holmes only caught four balls for 70 yards, but with those targets, Holmes will get his numbers this season.

Josh Freeman – Freeman didn’t have a great fantasy day with 15.28 points — .20 under his projected fantasy value for Week 1. I thought Freeman would have a field day on the Lions’ week secondary, but Detroit came out strong and earned the win.

Beanie Wells – Wells had a very solid day, racking up 102 yards from scrimmage and a score. Next week will be a tougher test in Washington – who slowed down Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs last weekend. But Beanie could do well, especially if the passing game continues to be effective. Continue reading »

Sep 13, 2011

Daily link roundup: All hail Sebastian Janikowski’s leg


– You’ve probably heard it already (especially if you live on the West/Best Coast), but the Raiders won last night AND Sebastian Janikowski hit a NFL record-tying 63-yard field goal. Listen, I’m impressed and all, but the record he tied was set by Tom Dempsey back in 1970. And Dempsey didn’t have toes on his kicking foot. Better luck next time, Sebastian.

– In related news (for both Janikowski and the Raider Nation), the Raiders have renewed their contract with New Amsterdam gin. Party in da houuuuuse!!

– Breaking news: Tom Brady is still making your life look pathetic and terrible by comparison. Continue reading »

Sep 12, 2011

Daily link roundup: Show some poise


– Although the Panthers lost, Cam Newton still set a rookie record with 422 passing yards in his debut. Here’s a fun Monday morning drinking game: Take a shot any time someone refers to Cam Newton as poised or possessing poise. Happy Monday!

– Now that Tony Romo has choked away another Cowboys victory, only one question remains … Who will cry in front of the media for the love of Tony?

– I initially started working out during the Ravens/Steelers game because I thought the hard-hitting defensive struggle would motivate me to fight through the pain. But about a quarter in, I was only motivated to not be fat and shitty like Ben Roethlisburger. Continue reading »

Sep 11, 2011
David Seawright

Drama, Drama, Drama

A new NFL season has finally arrived. And as improbable as it seemed that this weekend’s slate of games would be played not long ago, this weekend’s equally improbable results prove that the successes of last year — not to mention the stresses of a tumultious offseason — are officially in the rear view mirror.

Although I’ll be covering a specific East Coast game for most of the season, this weekend I sat back and watched the unlikely unfold in its entirety. However, I am forced to ask myself this: Were the events of this weekend really that unlikely?

Sure, the Buffalo Bills are in first place. As are the Cincinnati Bengals, Jacksonville Jaguars, Washington Redskins and San Francisco 49ers. For now. But the NFL simply carried on doing what it does best: being predictably unpredictable. Continue reading »

Sep 11, 2011

Daily link roundup: Peterson celebrates Week 1 by makin’ it rain


– Adrian Peterson became the highest-paid RB in NFL history yesterday with a seven-year, $96 million deal. “A seven-year deal, so I’ll be what, like, 32?” said Peterson, 26. Nope, Adrian. Not 32. But when you have that much money, the numbers add up to whatever you want.

– Niners coach Jim Harbaugh has given blue, gas station-style work shirts to all of his players who made the 53-man roster. Ah, athletes. So easy to motivate.

– The Raiders locker room is now adorned with signs that say “The most violent team wins.” I”m not sure if I’m comfortable with anyone encouraging the Raiders to be more violent. Continue reading »

Sep 10, 2011

Daily link roundup: Moving tributes on the horizon


– I think we’re all looking forward to how the NFL will pay tribute to 9/11, but now we have even more to look forward to. The NFL announced it’s loosening its rules on uniforms so that players can also wear various tributes on their bodies. Maurice Jones-Drew posted a picture of his cleats and gloves, and they’re really awesome.

– Saints WR Marques Colston is out at least four weeks for a broken collarbone. Talk about adding injury to insult, Packers.

– The California Senate has approved a bill that would expedite the process of building an NFL stadium in Los Angeles. I suspect that the batting of eyelashes and coy looks from the City of Angels are going to get more aggressive. They’re gonna start pole-dancing around San Diego.

– Terrelle Pryor plans on appealing his five-game suspension. In other news, ESPN needs to stop using that tiny, horribly unflattering mugshot. He looks like the village idiot, which is totally unfair historically. Continue reading »

Sep 9, 2011

Daily link roundup: Football came back, and it was glorious


– The point of my daily links is to show you the more cool, interesting, off-the-beaten-track stories of the day. I’m loath to link game recaps since I’m assuming you saw the game or have already seen the boxscore. So, in short, the Packers beat the Saints and here’s some non-recappy stuff that happened:

– Note to everyone: Charles Woodson fights dirty. And by dirty, I mean he’ll punch you in the nards.

– Randall Cobb is the first player born in the 90s to play in the NFL. Oh god, we’re all so old.

– Aaron Rodgers thinks Mark Sanchez’s white pants are embarrassing. Come on, Mark. It’s totally after Labor Day.

– As you probably saw 400 times on the ticker tape during last night’s game, Peyton Manning had a second neck surgery and will be out indefinitely. The ticker said he had some kind of neck fusion surgery. The hell is that?! Fusing to what? Maybe they’re making him into a cyborg… Continue reading »

Sep 8, 2011
Mike Silver

Fantasy football preview: Week 1

It’s Week 1, and RideWithSilver fantasy guru Will Robinson is back with your fantasy football preview.

Throughout the season, I will try to post two articles per week. One will look at the slate of games for the upcoming weekend and examine some key matchups — good and bad — for your fantasy teams. I’ll give my projected “All-Star Fantasy Team,” that will be the top players at each position. The other will recap the Sunday and Monday action in terms of who surprised and who fell flat. How right (read: absolutely dead wrong) was I from my Friday (or, in this case, Thursday) article? You’ll see on Tuesday.

Or, I may procrastinate and be lazy and condense all of that into one super Friday article. To be determined.

Here are some very good under-the-radar matchups that I would exploit in your fantasy rosters:

Santonio Holmes against the Dallas secondary – Last year, the Cowboys allowed the most fantasy points to opposing wide receivers. While they should certainly be better, they have not made any significant changes to that secondary. If you have Holmes on your roster, he should start against the very weak Cowboys’ defensive backs. Continue reading »

Sep 8, 2011

Daily link roundup: The wait is over.


– We thought it would never come, but Week 1 is here. Tonight’s game between the Packers and Saints, aside from opening the season, will be the first in which displaying fantasy stats on the scoreboard is mandatory, thanks to a mandate from the NFL. It’s all in an effort to “further replicate the at-home experience in the stadium.” Great. Tell the asshole who took his shoes off that this is not, in fact, his home.

Arian Foster’s hamstring may not be healed in time for the season opener, according to coach Gary Kubiak. Weird. When he tweeted a video of his hamstring doing the dougie, it looked healthy to me.

– The Cowboys are the most valuable franchise in the NFL (second in the world), valued at $1.85 billion. Fifteen NFL teams total are worth $1 billion or more. I think the lesson here is that the government should run itself more like the Cowboys. More jumbotrons and better cheerleaders for all! Continue reading »


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