Sep 18, 2011

Daily link roundup: Slow news Sunday


– While you’re killing time waiting for today’s slate of games to start, here are a handful stories to read. Sorry. Sometimes players don’t hit people with cars or punch strippers, so there isn’t much to say. Disappointing, I know.

– The moved-up kickoffs are adding an extra element of strategy to the game. If anyone needs more verbal abuse, it’s kickoff returners.

– Bills owner Ralph Wilson Jr. will miss his first home opener in 52 years due to a broken hip. One of my life goals is to become a really badass old person. I may have to add Mr. Wilson to my list of heroes. Even if that is 52 years worth of the Bills.

– Some smartasses made versions of the pro-Tebow billboards that are purportedly being sprung for by angry Broncos fans. They’re awesome.


– According to my facebook newsfeed, Floyd Mayweather is a punk bitch. Thoughts?

The ACC added Pittsburgh and Syracuse basically overnight. Texas A&M should give them a try.

– It wasn’t until past 3 a.m. that Tulsa and No. 8 Oklahoma State managed to finish their game (rain delay), further guaranteeing that no one watched.


This man has kept his arm raised for 38 years. Whyyyy.

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